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JMD Windows is pioneer in fabricating uPVC, Aluminium, Glass Windows and Door systems. Our offerings adopts European Technology with all the raw materials of international quality standards ensuring aesthetic finish and durability.

JMD Windows offers a comprehensive range of fenestration products in uPVC, wood and aluminium substrates. Available in a range of customizable options, all windows are designed for use in both residential and commercial spaces. JMD Windows enriches lifestyles through enhanced aesthetics while also offering varied solutions in acoustic comfort, privacy and security. It is one stop solution for all your doors and windows needs.

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UPVC - A poor conductor of heat, UPVC neither retains nor transfers heat indoors.

Air Tightness

Use of fusion welded joints, multi-chambered profiles, multiple point locks and silicone sealant for airtight sealing that prevents air flowing.


All windows and doors can be fitted with double or triple insulated glass, which is often used in modern buildings with high green rating.

Laminated Glass

Can also be fitted with Laminated or Double glazed laminated glass that can reduce unwanted noise levels by manifolds

Double Sealing

The multiple point locking systems and double seals ensure casement windows and doors are tightly shut to cut out outside noise

Upvc Key Features