Glass Doors & Partitions

Glass Doors and Partitions

Innovation for the back of the home, offering open views and natural light


Our Slide & stack door & window systems can span huge openings. JMD Windows sliding doors & windows offer an effortless rolling action, great security, excellent thermal and acoustic protection and modern styling. The sliding door & window range is our most popular seller, allowing for vast areas of uninterrupted views, clean lines and require little maintenance.

Multiple Sliding Door

Our sliding doors & windows range covering frame depths from 62mm to 142mm is designed to provide the maximum flexibility for fabricators and clients alike. Based on a range of sections, it offers full flexibility from single sliding to multiple sliding openers, clip on or integrated sections for fly screen and a range of section sizes covering small and large openings.

Lift & Slide

These large doors & windows operate in the sliding position, with the weather-stripping engaged in compression, and with the simple turn of the door or window handle, this will unlock the door and lift it up off the track allowing the door to slide easily without any friction or effort. Lift & slide doors & windows can be made in large sizes which can be opened and closed with the touch of a finger.

Casement Doors

JMD Windows casement doors & windows are available as single or French doors & windows opening inside or outside. They are a great way of opening up your home or office. The simple yet elegant design and multi-locking points with an option of single side or double side key lock. Using the correct insulated door systems in your home or office will help maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.

Slide & Fold

Our folding sliding doors & windows are the centerpiece of our product range. The dual seals and multi-locking hardware provides an airtight seal with zero air infiltration. This provides the utmost protection against the elements, even along our often harsh tropical weather and coastline. The airtight seals also provide superior protection against any unwanted noise.

Tilt & Turn

JMD Windows tilt and turn doors & windows are perfect for units that have noise and space restrictions. In its tilt position these doors & windows allow for ventilation and security. This system uses compression seals (unlike sliding) which make it the ideal solution to block out any unwanted noise.. The tilt and slide door & window is a great example of modern window technology.

Glass Options

The right selection of glass is as important as the selection of the right uPVC windows and doors for your home. Available in a wide variety to meet specific needs, glass not only helps in energy efficiency concerns, but lowers the overall energy costs as well. Factors like, the insulation requirement (climatic condition), the sound insulation requirement (surrounding environment condition) and safety requirement, determine the selection of the right type of glass option for your uPVC doors and windows.

Float/Annealed Glass - Float or annealed glass is one of the most commonly used form of glasses.

Tinted Glass - These glass varieties are pigmented in various colors in order to typically absorb solar radiation. Preferable in saving energy concerns, tinted float annealed glass undertakes thermal insulation and to a larger extent of solar radiation.

Reflective Glass - Floating glass with a metallic coating, reflective glass helps in reflecting back the solar radiation, thus taking care of thermal insulation better than tinted glass and also radiation. Also, it ensures minimum visibility from the outside.

Tempered/Toughened Glass - These glasses are tempered under very high temperature, thus making quite stronger than the normal float glass. Due to heating, they become brittle and because of that when broken, they shatter into small pieces.

Laminated/shatter proof glass - When two glass sheets of any of the above mentioned glasses are sandwiched together with one or more layers of PVB plastic or resin it is called laminated glass. The process of sandwiching/lamination makes the glass much stronger and prevents easy breakage. Due to PVB Plastic or resin in between the glass does not shatter when it breaks.